My Mud Kitchen established in May 2015, and since then we have remained true to our core values of originality, good quality products, competitive prices and exceptional customer service. We strive to make your experience with us one in which you will be delighted with; offering products that you and your child or children will love for many years, creating lasting memories of play.


​Our Mud Kitchens have brought years of happiness and joy to so many family homes & gardens throughout the UK, alongside supplying to child-minders, nurseries, preschools and primary schools.

Throughout the Ofsted framework, outdoor learning is strongly encouraged to help with children’s growth, confidence and development. We are confident we tick all these boxes for contributing to children's early years development. 

Our story began in April 2015, when I (Amy) was digging up half of our lovely garden in order to create some pretty big veg patches (much to my husbands disapproval). My little girls, aged 2 and almost 1, were my little shadows who too loved being outdoors and naturally wanted to get involved to help (or slightly hinder)... so that's when the outdoor 'Mud Kitchen' was created. Having witnessed first hand how much my children, and their little friends, have all loved the new garden kitchen, it soon became the garden favourite play activity!  My Mud Kitchen Ltd was born in May 2015 and the rest is history. Still to this day, it brings such joy to my heart to see how much happiness our Mud Kitchens bring to each little person we have the pleasure in making one for. 

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.

Amy x 

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